Friday, September 05, 2008

"Nothing matters... this life accept for relationships. And a relationship Jesus Christ is the most important of them all."

This was something that Will Franklin Chapman shared at his sister's funeral. He was the one who was driving the car that tragically killed his little sister. In the middle of this intensely painful time, this was his conclusion about life. Nothing too deep. But actually, it might be the most central reality of all.

I know that I have to be reminded of this daily. As I feverishly work toward a Masters degree, I must remember what it's about. As I wake up in the morning with a list of tasks to accomplish, I must remember what those tasks need to be about. As I sit here typing on a computer, I must remember that relationships, most notably with Jesus, is what this life is all about. How sad we would be if we ventured through life and looked back only to say, "I spent way too much time worrying about stuff to do and things to accomplish."

Relationships. This is where we must center our lives. Can we lose focus in relationships? Yes. Can we be involved in unhealthy relationships? Yes. Can we mess up in relationships? Yes. But still, it is in these that true life can be had.

Portions of the memorial service can be viewed here. Also, a friend showed me this sweet site about adoption called Shaohannah's Hope. It's well worth checking out. I believe adoption has to be something that Christians are aware of and potentially involved with in some way or another. A good way to start is to understand more about the process.

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