Monday, December 05, 2005

This is my friend Kimmy

This is my friend Kimmy Dumont. She goes to Azusa Pacific in California. Let me first just give my thoughts on the state of California. I've been there once, and granted I didn't get much south of San Francisco, but it's not my favorite state of the union. While they don't let you smoke anywhere, the people there seem to think that they are at least a little better than the rest of the citizens of our great country. I'm sure Kimmy would gladly admit that she feels a bit superior to the rest of the world. Oh well, I can handle this. The problem comes when I have trouble sharing my thoughts or opinions on life because they basically don't count. I have several Californian lady friends that just seem to enjoy giving my views on life quite a beating. Okay, I can handle this too. Granted, I am now a better person for it. The problem comes when they continue to harass me, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. I am the butt of all their jokes. I am only a "jerk" or a "LAME-O" (or some variation) in their words. I am basically a loser. I don't know though, what is a guy to do? Maybe they think I enjoy it. I guess I'll just let them keep thinking that. The one time I try to fight back and tease the girls a little, I get a wallet (the female kind that usually weigh like 7 pounds) thrown at my face. I happen to be drinking out of a coffee mug and the result is a "distorted" nose. So, while my emotional self has been scarred this semester, I now have a physical scar on the centerpiece of my face to remember these wonderful girls by. The main reason I write this is to inform the rest of the world of the injustices that I have faced while here in Lithuania. The 23 to 6 girl to guy ratio is wearing on me and I don't know if I can handle it much longer.

Disclosure: If you know me well you probably understand that I brought about 89% of this ridicule onto myself and I write this email in jest but also with truth peppered throughout. Maybe this will cause these great young ladies to check their consciences next time they open their mouths. My ONLY hope is that the lovely gents they meet in the future will be exposed to the largely positive side that girls like Kimmy and other Californians can so adequately portray.

P.S. Kimmy, I've had a crush on you this whole time as well! And, go ahead, read this one aloud amidst your laughter. Maybe then the rest of the world will know!!! Have fun laughing Laura. You're lucky I was nice to you in this "lame blog post".


Tina said...

boy drama queens are the worst.

Kimmy said...

oooo harsh words from the Tina-meister....Kyle, you are my husband now and for that I am greatful....and the fact that Laura saw us consummate it...I couldn't have asked for anything better. This still remains my favorite literary masterpiece to date....way to go slugger.