Sunday, November 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Theda

As I clicked on my Google Calendar this afternoon, I was reminded that today would have been Grandma Theda's 76th birthday. Had I the privilege of being with her today, I would have given her the biggest "lower back slapping hug" she's ever received. I would have sang Happy Birthday to her..."organ hymn style". I would have made her as much food as I possibly could. I definitely would have made her an angel food cake with strawberries on top. I would have made her a t-shirt quilt. I would have raked all the leaves in her yard. I probably would have played a rousing game of "The Quarter Game" with her and the rest of my cousins in hopes that Grandma might tackle me to the floor as she sought out her greatest desire in gamesmanship...a victory!

All of these things only begin to scratch the surface of memories of Grandma. Mostly, though, I would have sat her down and asked her more about her life*. I would have asked her why she served the way she did. I would have asked her how she accomplished so much in a day. I would have asked her how she stored up so much love for her grandchildren. I would have sat and listened to her (and I would have made her stay focused). I miss my Grandma and I wish I could tell her today that I love her.

I hope she knew she was loved. Now, I know she KNOWS she is loved!

*Please take some time today to tell someone you love that you love them. Step away from what can become "our routine" and step into someone else's reality. Ask someone about them. Show them you love them.