Thursday, October 18, 2007


I'm doing it again.

I'm letting it dominate me, and I know it's not quite right.

What have we set up for ourselves here in America? It almost seems as though we've created a culture that cannot survive without it.

Are we all buying into a lie? Is it supposed to be this way? Are we stopping long enough to ask these questions?

I think Satan's chilling right now and he's pretty pleased with the mess he's created.
This madness.
This busyness.

I'm sure it's not all bad. I know we're supposed to give it all we've got. I know we're supposed to use the gifts we've been given. But for what?

All I know is that I need to slow down.................more


He wants to. I let the evil that is busyness blind me to that fact.

Margin. Slowness. Peace. Quiet. Stillness. Silence. Listen. Be. Chill.

I need more of those in my life. When I have them, I know it's right.

And, then I do it again.

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jenn said...

just had to say that this was exactly what i needed to hear. if you do really figure out how to slow down, please share that with the rest of us :). thanks!